Sunday, January 13, 2013

College Boy

Our 2nd oldest has spent his first week in college at Devry. He is taking game designing and programing. I can't hardly believe he is old enough to. A big part of mom wants to remember the little guy who use to run to her to kiss his hurts away. And yet we are so proud of the young man he is and is becoming.

He is definitely trying to make his own way in the world. He has wanted to become a game designer since 3rd grade. He'll be living to home for quite awhile to come yet but I know there will come a time when he will spread his wings fully and moves out. When he moves out I'm going to miss him terribly. We are very close.

It just goes to show that time really can fly before you know it. Time sits still for no one. Time is too short not to treasure the good days, small laughs and smiles, and just being together as a family.


ANITA said...

hi i read your post from the mobile yesterday!!what a true post!!Family means everything!!Iam sure you are a good mother to your upgrowing son!i have a son 13 years i know the changes !!Also love your goals for the new year!!Me to is struggeling to loose some weigth!i cant belive to eat a little chocolatte seems like 2 kiloes right on my bodie at once!!Well..Happy week to you!!Hope to see more from you!!Hugs

Countrywoman said...

thanks Anita we can cheer each other on

Michelle said...

Thanks for visiting Boulderneigh today, Countrywoman! I had to comment on this post because my son is 11, and although it feels like a long time before he will be in college (much less out on his own!), I know it will pass like a flash. I think of how much character development still needs to occur before he's ready and I worry I don't have enough time to facilitate it!

Shirley Hill said...

Now if you can just get that oldest to fly could probably have a life again. :)

Countrywoman said...

Yes time certainly has flown.

Yeah well.... we know how that is LOL