Sunday, October 28, 2012

The Dare Spooktoberfest

Outside the front door was two jack-o-lanterns and in the corner was a cauldron covered in dirt and soot. Yet, no one had lived in the manor in years so where had they come from? Something wasn’t right. Lizzie hesitated before entering Blackwood Manor. She’d do anything if it would land her a date with Tom the captain of the football team of Bailer High School. Besides, there was no such thing as ghosts or witches. Right? Parents just told their kids it was haunted to keep them off the grounds of the manor.

The staircase creaked protesting each step Lizzie took to reach the upper floor. The upstairs bedroom is where it happened. The story went that the Thompson’s daughter Alice had sliced her wrist with razor blades on Halloween night and has wandered the halls ever since as punishment.

The only way Alice’s soul would find peace is if she traded places with another. Lizzie shook her head. She tried to shake the cobwebs off her hand as she continued down the hall. She peeked into the other rooms but all was empty not a ghost in sight.

Lizzie opened Alice’s bedroom door. She flipped the switch, nothing. What was she expecting? It was a good thing she had bought her flashlight. The second part of the dare was to retrieve something personal from Alice’s room to prove she’d actually done the dirty deed. She walked over to the dresser and pocketed the old hair brush. The moment she turned around is when she saw…Alice.

Lizzie’s screams filled the room. The door slammed shut. The flashlight went flying at Alice’s head but did nothing as it sailed through thin air. “No, you’re not real!”

Alice prevented any means of escape.

“No, but I soon will be.”

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